Have you CHALLENGED yourself today?

Rest Day


5 Min Free Wright, by Dan Baruch

My eyes are open and what do I see. People in motion, feeling out their way, where are they going why haven’t they found what is most important to them? Is it because they have not asked themselves the right questions? I’ll ask if you have ever sat down at a table with paper and a pen, given thought into what scares you, what motivates you, and what makes you happy. It is from these questions that the nature of your journey reveals itself. The next step is the most challenging. It is also the step where freedom begins and the distraction goes away. Eliminate the noise, all of the background music that is not helping you focus on what centers you. One by one pick off those annoying habits, enablers, negative self talk… and you are left with a clear path between this moment and humble beginnings.

Must Watch! History of the Crossfit Games


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