Glass windows

Today we live in a world far different from that of even 20 years ago. Moderation, safety, equanimity, and amble progression are defacto. We need to find more of the highs and lows that pass over our limits, and far from the shores of safety and familiarity.

The precibus of evolution comes from being hungry, scared, anxious, excited, charged with adrenaline, these are the affects of extremes and mystery. To fall into the middle of the curve, to stay within standard deviations of moderation only dulls our senses and drives us further from awareness.

Imagine a glass window. This glass window stands before you. It represents safety/familiarity, the mechanism that you look through and which protects you. What if this protective cloche shattered and all the uncertainty and assumptions came forward.

Now, is the false protection inspiring or hurtful to your success?

Now that what is on the other side can get through to you, does your paradigm differ?

Before you could see and be seen, but now you can also be touched.

Does knowing that you are no longer protected change your behavior?

*Is the true prophylactic of this century disassociating with moderation?

Today go look through windows that you do not, but this day pretend the glass window never existed.

“Being honest is most important because people only know what you tell them.”

Dan Baruch

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