Holistic Ancestral Health

This will be the beginning of a series of articles which will be released over this coming year. I (Dan) will be addressing the topics which I cover in my health talk. I have decided to put these concepts and framework for which all of my students subscribe too here, in writing. This has been long overdue and a challenge for myself. I do not wish to be perceived as “smart” or “distant” some say crazy. I am no different than anyone. I do however have an obsession like many of my colleagues around the world for traveling deeper within myself and sharing whatever I may find.

My aim is to synthesis complex mechanics, functions of our epigenetics, endocrine system, muscular structures, neurological adaptations, and facilitate a safe space for mental capacities and physical abilities to expand. To disavow any false causation which bad scientists have pushed into channels of popular culture.

Personally, articles that rest in the pages of medical journals are fascinating, but for the sake of keeping this series of articles short and digestible, for the layman (your mother, and mother’s mother) we are going to bypass many of the foundational studies and avoid the vernacular of the core science brethren. Instead I am going to address a few practical, actionable, applications, for all ages and level of geekdomness.


Stress management rules any proceeding discipline, thought process, plan/goal, success or failure. The moment you are burning the candle at both ends of the wick you are sure to be burned at your core.

The mechanisms in your body which are effected by stress (cortisol) truly govern your well being. You can say good bye to fat loss, see you later to muscle gains, have a nice week to radiant skin, and have a health happy new year to being a happier person. Your endocrine system, and more specifically your hormonal and genetic expression, in synchrony with the environmental stimuli, make up much of what makes you tick. Think of your hormones as the gates to your kingdom and stress as the king who decides which gates and guests enter the palace. To many gates opened at once, and inevitably you will lose control of the curating duties.

Look, we can get into how the hypothalamus functions, how endocrinology can affect your circadian cycle and how all of these mechanisms have been shown in controlled randomized double blind studies in multiple trials by a multitude of respected scientists functioning on chronic western degenerative disease. THESE THINGS ARE REALLY INSIDE OF YOU.

In the end, a smile makes you feel good, and tears make you sad. You are more productive and focused when you are rested, and you literally feel rundown when you are experiencing adrenal fatigue. So instead of drilling in deeper on the mechanisms (shoot me a email if you wish to) I want to describe for those with their “feelers” out why this stuff is SO IMPORTANT & WORKS!

I believe rules are fun to break,
But if your actions change your habits for the worst…
You are in trouble.

Hormesis: Moderation is crucial, but not in the way in which you are thinking of it. Moderation to most people means, have a little cake not a lot. So with this logic you are also thinking smoking a cigarette once a day or once a week is not as bad as a pack a day, right? But, we all agree that cigarettes are delitarious too anyone’s health. Well guess what? Equally is; overtraining training, to many Neolithic foods, to many days getting inadequate rest, and so on… Now, if you go get a flu shot you are applying Hormesis. You are getting an acute yet substantial dose of a stimulus that causes a reaction to the system which it is being administered too. But, that dose is controlled and gives the system a chance to react and become more resilient through its hard work and recovery. As we discuss; sun exposure, sleep, training, nutrition, rest, and testing/tracking, we will always apply and understand the importance of Hormesis.

The take home message is we need to train really hard, dig deep within ourselves to find meaningful happiness, so when we go for days or weeks without actively practicing and developing our awareness we will be mindful and strong enough to sustain a positive path.

The man sits at the edge of a lake. The sun’s energy shimmering off of the water’s blue green surface. He can see the green tinge from the trees surrounding the boundaries of the lake’s reflection. Stillness in the air. The sounds of splashing water against the break barrier. An environment to stage the subconscious’s creativity to flourish.

I am breathing in, you say to yourself. I am breathing out… After you expel your next breath, you will change.
I am the rock that smashes into your windshield. You flinch and in the moment of weightlessness you are in the here and now. Free of knowledge, stories and your pockets are empty. You will live your life, you will take every breath knowing, not thinking, knowing that everything is beautiful and fulfilling in this moment.

There is no magical oasis or destination you must reach. If you strip yourself of what you foolishly think needs to be created and you observe nature and emotions in their most infant state, you may then articulate the nuances of what makes nature so moving. Go deeper within the research of yourself. There is no reason to look back, there is so much to gain moving forward. Do not be a person busy trying to gain knowledge and acquire “more”.

Sit down at your table with paper and a pen, become aware of what scares you, what motivates you, and what brings you joy. When you look at these thoughts/ideas on the paper at your fingertips, the nature of your journey will reveal itself. The next step is the most challenging. It is also the step where freedom begins and the distractions go away. Eliminate the noise, all of the background music that is not helping you focus on what centers you. One by one pick off those annoying habits, enablers, negative self talk… and you are left with a clear path between this moment and humble beginnings.

Hear music as its’ collaborative whole, perceive art from the artist’s perspective, taste food slowly allowing the body to accept the combinations of flavors intended, challenge your body and mind daily with organic internally inspiring conquests.

“I am always searching for those conscious moments. Like; sitting in the sauna, finding your next hand-hold climbing, standing up a heavy squat, or letting a combination go on the heavy bag. When you focus. When the top of your brain squeezes every bit of intent to perceive clearly.

You string enough of these moments together and you feel like you’ve time traveled. Example: You sit in a sauna slowly watching each 5 minute interval make an hour. But when you get in your car, start driving and realize, two hours have passed since you’ve left your home. It’s the shift, the moment you are no longer caught up in the day’s rhythm.

Most days I feel like I’ve already lived five lives, and at the present moment I am seconds into my first.”

I have started this discourse with, Stress and the importance of Hormesis & Mindfulness, so we are all on the same page progressing forward. As this conversation develops it is necessary to understand this basic framework. There is no benefit in discussing the merits of a high bar or low bar back squat, the best progression in achieving a planche or one arm hand stand, or how to avoid western degenerative diseases, if first an understanding of stress management has not been applied to your life. The stuff my students strive for is simple as an idea, but extremely hard work in practice. So in order to believe in something you have to start at square one, awareness.

What is to come?

*Is the true prophylactic of this century disassociating with moderation?

Dan Baruch

MN Strength & Conditioning has a holistic | ancestral approach for health & wellness, based in science and mastery. We enable you to develop a practice and help you research your body and mind.

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
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How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
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  1. Bryan says:

    Baruch is a true entreprenuer. His passion is sky high. He truly wants to revolutionize the way we percieve and undertake our own health.

  2. Dan Baruch says:

    @Bryan, thank you sir for your kind words.

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