Memories or Distractions?

Have you ever been a slave to a feeling, emotion, place, time, routine, person?

How did you get out?

Do you let it naturally run its course?

Were you the force that re-directed it?

I can still remember how it tastes. The urge came over me time and time again. A few months past and I can still look back to the moment. To the place where I found myself in a uncontrolled, reoccurring pattern. Stepping away from that train of thought I realize, I have had similar habits which inevitably like all have run their course long ago. The only difference between each, is the frequency/occurrence in which they resurface. All are equally as vivid and moving. The ones that happened long ago come to me rarely. The memories more recent become conscience frequently.

I can close my eyes, image and still feel the way I did. But when I open my eyes I am no longer there. That moment has past. I am left to decide whether those memories were good/bad, or if in fact they have never ended. If only now, I am standing in a different place and time? The reality is, I am still the person from the past. In truth there is no past or present only passing moments of this time, this place in space where sub-consciousness and self-consciousness come together.

My point is…. It is good to close your eyes and allow yourself to remember how it was then. But when you open your eyes realize you are still that person. If you remove all that you carry from your “pockets” and continue on in life THIS way, you will see all moments through eyes that have seen a lifetime of happenings. Let if all flash before your senses. Embrace the overwhelming memories of your self and flow with the emotions that pass through you.

If all you want to do is close your eyes so you can remember. Then be mindful first of your breath. Inhale with awareness – exhale releasing the need to recollect. Inhale being aware of your body – exhale minding your emotions leave you. Allowing your mind to slip into the past will not bring you joy. Feeling free and in the moment is the real peace and calmness we all are striving towards. There is no need to dwell in the past or predict the future.

Break the notion that history is the greatest predictor of the future. The history is just that, gone. It was never really a-part of you. The future is not here and nothing you can do will change the time or outcome once you get there. Check your mind consistently, do not allow it to drift into self doubt, or uneasiness. Mind your breath, mind the rise and fall of your chest and belly. Stay present, and deal with a single task at hand which you have power over.

You must believe that your mind can change your being. When this key concept is practiced, you will unlock any door imaginable. The true understanding does not lie reflecting on the past, or trying to foresee the future. The understanding comes from being aware of the present. You have to open your eyes, listen with your ears, and allow your heart to love and share with another. Then you will have all the understanding you request. It is at the specific moment in time. You will be guided in these moments to a deeper understanding of yourself.

When you are aware, and shaken to your core, you evolve. But the real magic of growth can not be reflected upon later. You can never truly recreate this magic. Do not try to recall “it” in your mind. Do not allow yourself to stay in a train of thought, one which is in the past. This will only take your breath and awareness away from you (distraction). Trust yourself, remember to be mindful, and the moments in your life will give you all the answer you seek.

“History is the best predictor of the future. Do something new (challenging) if you are not seeing improvements. It does not take months or years to know its working. With-in the first few *seconds* you will get the necessary feedback.”

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
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How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
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