Why I train and why you will too.

Do not wait for a problem to exist to begin practicing efficient graceful movement and mindfulness. Instead, be aware that with good luck you will be on this earth in your current form for a century or so. So take your time and treat each challenge/experience/training-session as; one note articulated within a complex/thought-out symphony. Build the base notes first in order to have a place from which to stand (think solid as a mountain). Then find the rhythm, melodies, and accents that bring your unique song to life.

Do not train/practice concerned with immediate visibility in mind. Do not worry about the performance because of a concern with peers in your environment. Instead, acknowledge that you will work at your abilities/skills/capacities all your life. If you create a practice for a lifetime and enjoy/contemplate where you are and where you need to go, then you will take care of yourself so you can be healthy, happy, and stress free.

Hone-in with a keen eye. Cut past the judgments going by. What once was just a snow flake is now avalanches of abundance flowing to you

“My imperfections are visible.”

Dan Baruch

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3 Responses to Why I train and why you will too.

  1. wartica says:

    I used to be concerned with other people watching me practice my martial arts; anything from forms to how I fight/spar. Overtime, I let all the inhibitions go and as a result, I feel more free now. I have a long way to go with my training so I don’t want to waste anytime worrying about what other people are thinking. Great post and I’m looking forward to more:))


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