Language & Discourse

Simplifying complex movements into simple verbal/mental cues…
This is appropriate for novices in describing basis of movement and reasoning behind it. This enables the practitioner to explore current capacity. When the intensity is raised, all of the simple/basic cues become increasingly precise/segmented and the thought processes encompasses the entire kinetic chain.

YOU MUST BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BODY. But you need to understand how to control it.

You also must be able to literally move through specific R.O.M. The point is, don’t be fooled by simplified language in your earlier days of exploration. Most importantly, get out of the way (too much discussion) of the actual work (movement).

In order to have a discussion you must have an opinion. Your opinion of your body must be developed and formed out of research and practice. Then you have the right to enter the discourse of best practices.

Dan Baruch

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