The Purpose of Goals:

Once you reach one you can get out of the way.

The idea _Maintaining a new state of being, and no longer concerning yourself with the previous “self” and anxieties towards future evolution/growth.

Get out of the way!

Eventually you reach enough of your “goals” that life becomes maintenance/polishing. This is a good thing even though there is a bit of sorrow associated with the idea (nothing new to look forward to).

It is absolutely positive to be in a place where you posses skills and have achieved the mental and physical capacities which previously had been strived for. There is certainly a point that one passes from sound abilities to overuse/ hyper-training. We should never look to the pinnacle of performance for our own health and well being (pertaining to exercise). Professional athletes are not “healthy”; they are over trained, overfed, and adrenally fatigued. By no means should we be amble in our quest and research for physical and mental prowess, but there is a set point which one need not pass over. Set a goal, be it in the distance or close within reach (realistic>sissy talk).

If you do the crime you do the time. If you are so far overweight and metabolically deranged, if you cannot touch your toes or lift your arms overhead… You may feel like you will be chasing goals for years to come. Sorry, that is just the way it has to be for the time being. But remember there is no need for such drastic type casting/segmentation (blood type, metabolic typing, etc.) smoke and mirror methods. WE are all human, we all express similar genes, and we all must start from the same framework.

“Certain strokes for certain folks” is fine and dandy, but the degrees of separation are more minuet than you may have been told.

Remember: There are always things you cannot do. PERIOD.

With progression, intelligence and hard work you master new skills. Yet somethings will be forever out of reach. (not my opinion, this is fact)

The problem with events, shows, groups, etc.

You MUST be are aware of your body. The limits it has. The amount of stimulus needed to achieve set outcome. The time needed to adapt/change. Etc.

When you sign up for an event you become motivated. This motivation develops stricter discipline. This discipline distributes constant stimuli causing a desired change in the set-point (normalcy). The big failure is when you take on a goal you are not ready for. That can be do to peer pressure. Bad information. A bad teacher/guide. Etc. The key when setting a goal is consulting in someone who actually has mastered it (the goal). This person can gauge the amount of time/work/effort needed to succeed. Do not set yourself up to fail because of ignorance. That would be stupid.

These words actually have meaning:
MN Strength & Conditioning has a holistic | ancestral approach for health & wellness, based in science and mastery. We enable you to develop a practice and help you research your body and mind.

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
(click here) Download GOAL setting work sheet. pdf

How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
(click here) Download AWARENESS work sheet. pdf

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