Visual /Cognitive Mapping

A coach lays out a transparent (visual /cognitive) map onto the trainee. By navigating the points of the subject the coach gives feedback/direction through the paths with least congestion (traffic).

If you can, picture a manikin. On this manikin are lines drawn out for; nerves, veins, connective-tissue, & muscles. These lines, these puzzle-pieces are the roads mapped out and will guide the trainee to the next destination.

In order to reach the set point without any accidents or missed turns… The coach prepares the trainee with a full briefing of the map laid out (what the guide knows to be the next closest destination). The coach has now become the navigator, and curator. If energy is being locked away in dead-ends, or two forces are colliding into one-another, it is s/he with the headset from the tower’s job to realign the traffic flow.

“Get all the pieces moving in the right direction so it becomes easy to manage the big picture.”

There are no magical set reps (only ranges) a coach can push you to. It is not the teacher’s job to motivate you to “do another rep”. It is his job to keep you focused and on task. To delegate your efforts to each piece of a/the training session. Only you the mover/practitioner can know your true struggle. Are you stopping at 10x, releasing tension at 30 seconds, etc. because so n so said so? Do not be a puppet. I hope for your sake you are becoming smarter, taking more ownership of your practice. Yes a teacher can teach you something new about your body, or show you new doors in your mind. But, in the end if you truly want to excel you have to take control. I tell everyone I work with. “You are in control”. Act that way!

Dan Baruch

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