A Competent Teacher Is…

The key to being a good teacher is language/discourse and the ability to witness/react to teachable moments.

The next “must have” is the common sense to adopt, adjust, and hone/develop the curriculum. Being an efficient teacher means applying years of experience as you mold your delivery.

Bill Gates is correct, adding cameras into the classrooms for teachers to share, develop curriculum and techniques brings together the very best of education.

The EXPERIENCE, be it solo or collective is NEEDED in order to UNDERSTAND why cutting pieces, adding parts, and emphasizing segments is most important for the students’ success.

A simple practical analogous idea applied to your physicality is…

Teaching someone the mechanics, positions, and body-awareness of a body squat is completely different than coaching someone to a loaded 1 RM. Everything the student learned on day 1 is internalized (capacity for: neural recruitment/kinesthetic awareness). Then they mold their action in relation to the increased intensity, complexity, and focus demanded of the old and now new movement. The experience then has morphed in-sync with the students’ abilities.

As a teacher we gather tips, cues, exercises, drills, techniques, and progressions from our own practice and while sharing with others. A competent teacher always adds, removes, and invents the sharpest tools while molding novices into mastered students.

For my own teachings and personal physical endeavors the focus has shifted to one of pre-hab, flexibility, and practical strength. THESE ARE NOT NEW PRACITES. BUT… how I incorporate i.e. the amount of time/emphasis of each has shifted.

Mind you, to go so far down the rabbit hole would be ill-advised. There are attributes to pull from endurance, hypertrophy, power, speed, and other modalities/protocols. Though to spend too much time in any one and neglect from the main three (flexibility, balance, strength) would be ignorant at best.

Always be mindful to reassess and ask:

Is what I am practicing truly the most effective and direct path to my target?

There are no magical set reps (only ranges) a coach can push you to. It is not the teacher’s job to motivate you to “do another rep”. It is his job to keep you focused and on task. To delegate your efforts to each piece of a/the training session. Only you the mover/practitioner can know your true struggle. Are you stopping at 10x, releasing tension at 30 seconds, etc. because so n so said so? Do not be a puppet. I hope for your sake you are becoming smarter, taking more ownership of your practice. Yes a teacher can teach you something new about your body, or show you new doors in your mind. But, in the end if you truly want to excel you have to take control. I tell everyone I work with. “You are in control”. Act that way!

Dan Baruch

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