The Weakest Link

An oldy but a goody, “you are only as strong as your weakest link”

Let us exam a deadlift with the paradigm (overused, hyper-loaded, under/over developed)

– Ankles tight > Shin bone will not be closest to vertical
– Knees lacking r.o.m > Unable to close the knee angle
– Anterior hip impingement > Unable to rotate hips forward (load posterior chain)
– Weak abdominals > Lumbar spine extension (back pain/injury)
– Under-developed latissimus dorsi/over developed pectoralis > Thoracic spine curves
(losing straight midlne position in the frontal plane)
– Lacking scapular depression and retraction > Restricts shoulder rotation
– Minimal lateral rotation of shoulder> Poor activation of latissimus dorsi
– Improper head position > Effects downstream spinal straightness
– etc.

The problem is two fold. One, to many people are not performing functional movements (beyond deadlifts) and Two, many people are not performing the movements slow enough, heavy enough, and with lower rep ranges (1-2-3) (each method individually).

If one piece of this kinetic chain is off (poor r.o.m, over/under developed) or the sequence of activation (firing) is incorrect, then you need to address issues systematically and isometrically. The test/re-test over time will be compound movements, mostly closed chain (involving entire kinetic-chain).

It does matter how you reach your destination, the practice is more involved than only the apex (top of the deadlift).

note: This sort of awareness and articulation is applied to all movements. This is also not rare. Everyone either has impingements or are actively preventing their prevalence.

Remember: Training is not difficult to understand.

Hit every corner possible from every direction imaginable, while moving under any tempo, repetition, or volume manageable. Feel your way through complex movement patterns over and over again in order to make them sub-conscious chains with no weak links (evolutionary rights).

Training intelligently is f***en difficult, but the progressions are extremely easy in application. This way your effort at each step can be with maximal tension and hyper body-awareness.

I do not need to debate this message. It is just the way it is. Removes the need for all of the specialists treating symptoms. Forget sport, forget performance, and forget targeting muscle imbalances. Focus & practice movement that is natural and inescapable.

Dan Baruch

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3 Responses to The Weakest Link

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  2. Good work Dan – Too many times, we tend to work more on our strengths, love and enjoyment when we should be focus on our missing links.

    K. C. GIWA

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