Grand Slam of Life

Are you the same person you were 1/2/3/4/5 year(s) ago. If so, is this not deleterious to your happiness?

If you are thinking about the same things, are you simply unable to solve (arise-to) these problems/puzzles/obstacles/opportunities? Growth(evolution) of a person is what brings new energy(s) to their pursuits. – Without excitement in your life how do you get out of bed?

When you do start working on these problem-sets, you must be prepared in order to succeed.

Preparation is achieved through trial and error (exploration, investigation, research). By simply thinking about growing and changing “your aims of success”, you will breathe urgency and shift-effort into embodying “better” “deeper” understanding in your area(s) of interest (no longer the same person thinking about the same things).

Practical. Actionable. Application

Awareness of how you can change is key. This can be accomplished with; a journal, what your targets are/will be, by noticing who you surround yourself with, who you are teaching/sharing with, who you are looking to for mentorship, etc.

Take the analogy of hitting a baseball.

If you connect just right you will hit the ball out of the park. If your timing is not perfect, you may hit a grounder, a double, or fly-out. BUT in order to know/feel/internalize and be able to understand the differences, you must have experienced each connection (swing).

So what is the Gram-Slam of life for you? Well that is individual, but the one universal truth is…When you execute consistently, when all of your experience/preparation comes together, you will be best prepared for that moment. After that moment that magic of evolution/growth will occur, and you will no longer be “the same person”.

Dan Baruch

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