The Know-it-Alls

I do not have any before and after pictures :/. Maybe because “I have (not) lost 30lb in just 6 months” (just last year). So now I am not worthy of your time? Well I won’t apologize for my rudeness. I have dedicated my entire life to finding real answers (science) to implement with all people all over the world… You should stop, listen, and ask a question or two. Oh, I am certified too :-). The sooner you realize you (educators&students) do not know squat, the better we will all be.

The great scientist will try only to prove himself wrong.

p.s. This is the attitude I have everyday, it is the reason I wake-up, read, watch, listen, learn, question, implement, train, teach, eat, sleep, repeat, day after day. It is the monotony of never being satisfied. Never allowing myself to think, “I know it all”.

But hey, good for you if you are making progress, I just hope it is not only so you feel others will think your pretty/sexy/muscular/thin/strong/fit.

How about focusing on health, happiness, vitality, longevity. This is the stuff that matters.

If you rely on supplements, machines, food schedules, constant weighing/measuring, etc. in order to achieve your “successes” you have not found an honest, knowledgeable teacher. Short term, drastic, transformations are EXTREME, extremely stupid. It took you 20 30 40 years to be unhealthy, and 6 months to be healthy and now you know it all? Thanks but I will look for information and discourse else where.

It is one thing to share with others your opinions, and another to come off as some omniscient person holder of thee elixir.

Leaving with positivity. Again, no before/after pictures from me. Just an open door, (always obsessing about achieving more (more knowledge, more abilities, more patience, more experience, more wisdom, more reach, more fun, more awareness, more life)) come in if you’d like friends.

Dan Baruch

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