Eat Safe Foods

The exogenous pathology of western degenerative disease is due greatly to, the recidivist consumption of Neolithic foods. The impetus for change can be you. Eat Safe Foods.

There are increasingly more pathogens, stimulants, and stress-ors. Choose to avoid them and one may think they will be living within a BOX. Instead, maybe it is your up-bringing (belief-system) which has crippled your abilities to discern from real food, and the foods which came out of a (cardboard) BOX.

The reason I become so upset when I see experts speak on nutrition is because they avoid or are unaware (ignorant) to the only pieces that matter (foundational remedial mechanisms). As far as approaching “experts”, I see only harm in courtesy and patience. Bad information is just that, period. No matter the volume or reach a/an person/association may control. Access to the vital studies are free to all (some are on my f.a.q page).

Science shows there is only one way to feed people and salvage what is left of the bloodline of earth (peak oil). Get a grip on reality. Sooner the better. Be selfish. Better your own existence. (You may notice, the info on my site is…. Free. No one can own this knowledge. No email signup, one time fee, smoke and mirrors, blah blah blah). Try things for yourself. Develop an opinion/voice out of practical experience. See the bigger picture.

Note: No one in their right mind would chose to regress to the pre-modernity era. The need from this awareness must be to re-create an environment of our ancestral heritage, (but only) harnessing future technologies and globalization. This is our (conscience) collective duty. Where previous civilizations could only look through space, we can look through time. Going forward using; mechanistic science, sound predictions, innovation, and connectedness. We together can be the insignia of a new normalcy.

“One cannot resist an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

All the best, Dan.

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