Why My Method Works

Most coaches/educators are unwilling to be exposed. They teach what they know. They end up teaching for years, making it harder to step outside of their realm of knowledge. So a yoga teacher believes only in their method. An endurance coach. A fitness class guru. Speed coach. etc. These are all fine disciplines but each lack soooo much. The problem is; If you go to each teacher for a component you will not succeed. What I teach is molded from all disciplines, tools, movements, skills, concepts. Every piece transfers, period. Only forward progression.

What we do helps everything, what they do hurts everything but themselves.

Your spinning teacher has no clue how to teach progressions for weighted pull-ups.
Your yoga teacher has no idea how to teach a clean or overhead squat.
Your strong-man coach has never developed equilibrium/balance capacity.
Your general conditioning coach has no experience implementing tempo-variance and dynamic loads.
Your bodybuilding trainer…..etc.

I have spent TIME practicing many disciplines extensively (this is my life’s work). But, only with the concept… What can I take from this practice and implement into the greater picture of movement/programming/vitality/health?

– Want to learn about transitions, stroke length, pedal cadence, and pose running? I can help.
– Want to learn to target the bicep-brachialis, widen your back, and develop symmetry for your abdominals? Check
– Want to be flexible/pliable so your downward-dog is solid, deepen/widen your warrior pose? No problem.
– Want to learn how to throw a punch, engaging the entire kinetic-chain (feet, hips, shoulder, arm, fist)? Lets go.
– Want to learn to lift maximal loads? We can do that.
The list goes on and on.

There is a method. Health, Happiness & Vitality can only be truly achieved/mastered/maintained by understanding each piece, but acknowledging that the whole is more important than any one domain.

Remember: Together we must decipher and solidify what combination works best for you.

I firmly believe we must look to the apex of the (physical) path we are on. I do not believe in continuums in this regard. Either you are successfully nearing the pinnacle, or you are confused about your own trajectory. What do you see when you watch the elder man? *We can do this with bodybuilding, endurance, power-lifting, strongman, dance, h.i.t, etc.

Today… Right Now… This Moment… Can you honestly say,___. The body I “have” will be strikingly analogous to the body I will “have” (+90 yr. of age)?

Look this exercise stuff is not that complicated… When you acknowledge we are on a sphere (right now) flying through space faster then we can comprehend, amongst a universe that was created billions of years ago out of to parton size “vehicles” which grew faster/wider/and hotter, in a time scale we cannot comprehend (plank time), which created subatomic particles too hot to survive, dark energy, dark matter and everything we see grew out of this expansion and cooling of this space. The elements created simple bacteria which continued to evolve to a version of the bacteria we know today. Followed by rise of what is only seconds before the new year (time scale of this universe) to humans, complex computation and what will be some sort of singularity bringing the worlds information and people together with no concept of time or space.

We haven’t even begun thinking about ethics, reality, cooperations, global warming, mathematics, art, dreaming, relationships, etc.

And you really want to argue if grains are bad for you or if squatting will hurt your knees? Really?

The reason we train (I teach) is to find (show) the few movement concepts that will transfer into any physical expressionism.

“Fundamental rules and the final phenomena that is almost unbelievable, that final variety of phenomena can come from such a steady operation of such simple rule.”
-Richard Feynman

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
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How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
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