Concrescence of Fear and Beauty

If I write and believe what “everyone” understands, then I would not be professing/contributing anything new. I want to talk about what can change our lives. What may shift the way you look at yourself and your conciseness of the world around you. May you find the concrescence of fear and beauty all within your future state of fulfillment. I hope, for I am an optimist; that we may all build upon ever greater complexity, so in order to tether from even truer ubiquitous truths.

The nature of being human is to extend beyond our boundaries. – R.K.

With the world’s information at your fingertips, please seek the truth and avoid those who prey on the week – vulnerable- gullible – ignorant . And in parallel thinking: Do not continue to search or want to believe there are new answers out there. The science is solid as a mountain, today.

What you will do with the truth, that is what I like to call humble beginnings my friends.

Remember, there are things we wish for people to do or become, and there are laws that we all must oblige. Things like ethics are arbitrary, things like gravity are law. Example: “I wish you a safe trip. vs Plane crashes due to negligent service.” 1. is a cosmos-like order of hope. and 2. is a definitive process/mechanism. Repeatable: action/reaction.

There is an amble evolution of intrinsic transition for positivity within people. When they step into comfortability and out of defensive thinking and acting. The truly powerful people all have one common theme. They are nice people, they listen, to create discourse. Antagonistically; the (pretenders) people who’s epistemology way of being is a sad polemic attempt to defend their not yet developed “self” esteem. Evolve or die. Grow or stunt your relational capacity to the world and your immediate environment. And remember, some people in this world actually want to help and engage because they believe and care about their work, and believe and care about people they interact with.

Feed on truth. Despise falsity. Do not perpetuate lies and your own solipsistic (selfish) need to drive your ego. Stop pretending/posing as someone with answers. If you do not know, acknowledge you do not know. (and more importantly) Do not pretend that the limited perspective you have is in actuality fact. Today the truth will be known. Remember what your parents always said, “the truth always come out in the end”. So plain and simple, stop lying. It is ok to say, I don’t know.

The point of a conversation is to get a chance to think about things from someone else’s point of view.

Do you have capacity to adapt? Equally valuable; Are you open to adaptation?

I believe after a point in life you can move beyond making mistakes. Composure. Of course actions have re-actions. and reactions come from haste or angst. believe in your “self” at the same time destroy your “self” and find balance and harmony with all you do. Suddenly mistakes do not happen….

Everyone finds their way to peace and happiness with their body (I hope). I am so jealous of the people who work with me. They do not have to make the mistakes I’ve made over the years. Bi-pass right to the good stuff.

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
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How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
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