Andrea’s Progress Report

A little background about Andrea, from Dan’s perspective:
(Andrea’s message below)

This is a lady who came to me struggling to hold a plank for 10 seconds. Andrea was, the classic case of working hard, not working smart. Today Andrea can do it all. And the biggest success is, today she understands what working smart practically means.

Andrea’s Keys to Success.

Accountability – Andrea has weekly weigh-ins that she is very competitive about. (Remember this works for her, everyone needs different feedback)

Tenacity – Andrea practices a minimum of 3 days a week for 1 to 2 hours per session. (Not including active rest days, intervals, and ssc aerobic days) *These are the priorities for her goals/targets

Trust – It is very important that a “student” is open to learning. Andrea takes guidance as well as anyone. And in that same moment internalizes the direction into newly discovered action.

Today Andrea holds planks for over a minute from parallel bars. She can dead lift over 200lbs . She can overhead strict press nearly 100lbs. She can back and front squat. She can do pull-ups (assisted) and honestly I do not feel like regurgitating the verrryy long list of her abilities. The point is, She has been exposed. And Andrea is still fighting for more.

For the past 5 months I have been lucky enough to have this strong lady to; play, learn from, teach, laugh, and train hard with. I take zero credit for her change of belief system, her choice of targets, or her discipline and focus. All I can be proud of is that the method works. Enabling someone to find the impetuous towards a deeper understanding of personalized happiness. I’m certain we all feel happiness when we see Andrea’s pics.

Andrea Down 100lbs

“I Never thought I would see the day that I lost 100 lbs. But today is the day! I’m not at my goal nor will my journey ever be over, but this is a huge milestone towards better health and a better life!”

When I first started working with Dan at Minnesota Strength and Conditioning, I had basic knowledge of strength training. What I didn’t know, is that I was taught everything that I knew wrong. Whether it was form, number of reps I should be doing or how much weight I should be lifting. Working with MNSC has given me the education to take my training to the next level by always being aware of my movements, not only when training but in “real life” too (work, working out at the gym, etc.)

Since adding MNSC’s method to my workout routine, It has greatly enhanced my very long (two years) weight loss journey. As of Saturday, April 21st, I have lost 100 lbs! I know that this milestone would have taken much longer had I not had Dan and his knowledge and patience helping me along the way. I look forward to seeing how much more I will be improving in the upcoming weeks, months and even years.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Very impressive!

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