Kids Movement Development Camp by: MN Strength & Conditioning

Kids Movement Development Camp by: Minnesota Strength & Conditioning

The best possible introduction to health & wellness.
The goal is to develop habits for a lifetime.

Session 1 – June 11th thru June 29th
Session 2 – July 2nd thru July 20th
Session 3 – July 23rd thru August 10th

Mon – Friday 9am – 3:30pm
Half Day: 9am – 12:30pm

600$ Full day (cost includes all field trips & lunch each Tuesday and Thursday)
375$ Half day (cost includes all field trips)

Spots are limited (12 person cap)

Ages: 10 – 13

Program Includes:
Running clinic
Swimming clinic
Cooking/nutrition classes
Gymnastic training
Traditional strength training
Yoga classes
Breathing techniques
Self-dense classes
Stretching / Mobility seminar
Natural movement sessions
General strength & conditioning
Climbing education
Team sports
Team building games
Leaderships training

Lecture Topics:
Goal Setting
Stress management
Fun & Relationships
And more.

Field Trips:
Rock Climbing at Vertical Endeavors
Day hike at Lake Maria State Park
Swimming at West Medicine Lake.
Canoeing at French park.


Who this is for? The child interested in learning about health & wellness.

Why come? Your children will leave the 3 week program with real knowledge and experience on the topics covered.

How they will learn? Sit down lectures, hands on activities (theory to practice), solo and group training.

How this will help them? Your children will be challenged everyday to work hard, focus on tasks both physical and mental, and understand the bigger picture of; health, wellness, athletics, etc.

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