Simply Complex

Scenario 1. Image a bowl. You have a marble rolling in the bowl from one side to the other. The force of gravity, the slope of the bowl’s walls, and the weight of the marble are all pulling the marble to the bottom of the bowl.

Scenario 2. You have a cup. The cup is full of water. You throw out the water and are left with an empty cup. You then begin to place things into this empty cup.

Here is what I believe is the major failure in people’s lives, especially pertaining to their physical and mental health.

In scenario 1. You are the marble being pulled to a “destiny” or end/stop point. (Of course we could dive-into the fact that things may appear still, but are actually still moving (vibrating) indefinitely).

In scenario 2. You are the cup, who is violently removed of its contents. Then filled with some other external (exogenous) thing (information/plan/nutrition/training).

What I know to be is true is the following:
Do not chase an external “thing”. This could be a body fat %, inches on a waist line, better blood lipid pannel, removal of medications, etc. The things you are trying to fill the cup with.

What you NEED to do is. Be the marble. Go with the flow. Let definite laws and science take you to an end point. If along the way you happen to better some metric, mood, or percentile, that is expected.

Instead of fighting to jam as much as possible into the cup, be the marble who does not question physics. The marble lets be what will be because it knows nothing else to be real.

So very practically… If you are yoyo dieting, feeling restricted in your eating, training so hard it hurts for days, mentally unhappy with what you see before you as the “work” you are “supposed” to be doing. Stop! You are not doing the right stuff. It does not take effort to lose body fat. It is not difficult to move towards greater complexity in your training. It is not impossible to find peace and happiness in your mind & with your body, life, and wellness.

The method I have created never hurts, never fails, never makes you “grind it out”, etc. You will always believe. If you do exactly what I ask it will be alarmingly easy, simple, and practical. All you have to do is acquaint yourself with the forces that pull us just like the marble. They are real, they are complicated to understand, they are within all of us simply waiting to be turned on (your phenotypical expression).

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
(click here) Download GOAL setting work sheet. pdf

How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
(click here) Download AWARENESS work sheet. pdf

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