Calories in / Calories out: It does not work!

Whether you play the caloric balancing game at 20 – 100 – 200 – +300 grams of carbohydrates you still need to come in underweight. You want to move the adipostat? Want to lose body fat? Want to look good for summer (not serious, I despise the marketing I see on this internet)? Doing endless hours of aerobic activity has the potential to do more harm than good. Look at a baby. The baby is growing because it demands more energy. The baby is not growing because we are force feeding it calories. The same thing applies to the metabolism of an adult. The problem is if you do activity which demands carbohydrates (glycogen) you must replenish this energy source (glucose/sugar). And what happens when you eat carbohydrates? Your pancreas releases insulin. And what happens when you release insulin? You store energy. But if you over eat the allotted amount of carbohydrate (set point) for your person, you get fat. So… You go and do hours of cardio, burn some calories and struggle satiating your hunger and the yo-yo body fat % ensues. Then you stop doing the cardio, eat for a few weeks and become “soft” again. Not to mention people (cardio kings/queens) look flat, and I believe it is the most emasculating thing for a grown man to walk on a stair-stepper.

What should you do? Focus on strength & flexibility. The two things we will lose as we age. The difference is muscles and pliability fade slower than a revved up furnace from 1 aerobic session. I can keep going but have lost the motivation. People are simply intimidated by the truth in all aspects of society. Stretch daily, work on the skill level standards, eat just enough to support your progress, remove stressors in your life.

Feed your muscles for growth and restoration not aerobic capacity.

There is a major confusion “out there” about eating “complex” carbohydrates. Foods which take longer to break-down (digest). This is a failed regurgitation of sound bites, which originally emanated from the body building community (and others). The purpose of eating is to deliver nutrients to needed tissue. For example; the person who fills his shaker bottle to the top with water (+6-8oz), after only placing 1 or 2 scoops of whey protein. This dilutes the mixture (makes it less potent, slower absorbed through the gut to the needed tissue). So would you put more whey or less water? Less water of course. So. Would you eat more, complex, carbohydrate, or less carbohydrate? Less carbohydrates of course, but more potent choices. There are very specific times you need carbohydrates, and at these times a complex form is not the most effective mixture for absorption. Note: We have not even started talking about the fact that the oats and brown rice, “complex” etc. are likely destroying your gut (leave something for another day). “Eat what you are made of.” -protein and fat.

And like I always ask. Have you challenged yourself today?

Dan Baruch

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