Past Week’s Thoughts.


I accept more from you then anyone you will ever meet (possibly). I do not ‘baby’ people. I expect others to take themselves seriously. The moment you are not honest with yourself I stop caring. I have no genuine ability to work with those searching for a ‘fix’ or simple solution. Therefore what we will achieve takes years. This concept is build into the method, the attitude, and the cost. Other’s work you to the ground because they charge so much and feel bound to instant results. Remember: What comes quickly goes quickly. So very thankful for the group which is being cultivated around me. Strength & Flexibity take time and experience in all functions of life. – Have a great weekend.

If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original. Being wrong doesn’t mean you are creative, but your capacity for creativity is weighed in this very balance.

Dump a few from the evernote notebook:

You teach best what you most need to learn.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.

A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own.

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand.

Progression? Absolutely! Perfection? Heck No! Upmost admiration to all my guys/gals I train with.

Also this video brings up a point. Are you doing assisted pull-ups with bands? STOP! The gym owner needs to smarten up and bring-in proper tools.

Mark Hayek has been working with me for more than a month. Great deep squat and excellent handstand development. Andrea Erlich hits 215 dead-lift casually. Nowhere near her max.. We are in no rush. – Best Dan

One of the best parts of teaching is when someone has invested time with the method and performs a movement free of active thought. Example: Person performs a weighted chin and doesn’t realize they have found their body-line (with correct tension). Instead they only thought about the repetition as one (complex) piece. Even though just a short time ago they had no clue what a straight body-line is or feels like.

The difference in the way I train myself and instill into my students is obvious (I hope). The world of movement is large. The number of goals/exposures are infinite. Forget about inches gained/lost or races won. Be concerned with exploration, application, in-anticipation for your next novel (new) target.

Picked up a new camera… Some impromptu clips after our pulling work.

The point is not to feel some sort of false credit. It is to spread the word. To do everything in our power to bring a message to the masses. The more conversation we create the better discourse we will discover. Pay it forward. Pass it along. Share this knowledge. Every person counts! I am sharing this because I know ‘it’ is right. If it takes X amount of time to make someone see the truth I don’t mind, because I have something in my head that I cannot seem to shake out.

Remember: The difference between mediocrity and greatness is Exposure. Possessing 100% certainty that you know everything about a particular piece of your life… And then having the willingness to be exposed. To take a chance. To force yourself into a scenario where you no longer have all the answers.

I don’t always do this… A message to “you”.

I know it is really tuff to always feel good about your body, ‘self’, and your life. I understand the pressures you feel are real. I appreciate the challenges you have faced and will face. I want only positive growth for your nearest future. I cannot pretend I know what it is to “walk in your shoes”. I want you to deeply believe I will do everything in my power to be there. I acknowledge the most important thing in life is communal acceptance and support. I know I do not have any of the answers; I only pose the questions and then, I am lucky enough to brainstorm possibilities with you. Just smile, take a deep breath, and give it a try.

🙂 Dan

One thing and arguably the most important is I have never shied away from honesty. This has brought me a little hate time and time again, and so be it. If you are not making waves, if you are not being criticized you are not doing your job. Here is the way I see it. There are certain truths in our society and planet. Things that are so based in logic and objectivity. I am not going to make concessions. If in this mission feelings get hurt I will not apologize. The truth hurts.

We can get into food subsidies, nutritional guideline history, privatization of prisons and mercenaries, assassinations, governmental cover-ups, the drug war, religious fanatics, animal/naturals preservation, taxation (of farmers and not the sugar/h.f.c.s. conglomerates), previous complex ancient civilizations, lobbyists tied up with everything from; advertising dollars, cable news stories, heath policies (subsidies), pharmaceuticals, nuclear shenanigans, petroleum acquisition, and why which food makes it into your refrigerator (propaganda), and on and on and on. I spend every moment of my free time learning about topics like these. I need to understand the bigger picture. So if I piss off people who are too stupid or unwilling to see the bigger picture I don’t care.

Again we are talking about logical truths. This is not personal attacks. Get over yourself. The stuff I am interested in is at the global level. There is not one argument for vegetarian diet. There is no sense in current drug legislation. We all know wars are motivated by peak oil and corporate panic (largest burden on the US economy) even tho it is not sustainable. We are all ware US is no longer the world’s sole leader. We all know the FDA is more interested in hypnotizing/monetizing each and every sick person and keeping it that way. We know no substantial effort is made to get proper books that teach the correct information in schools. We know it is a waste of time having politians debate in sound bites on religious and ideological topics (abortion, gays, etc.) when there is real problem/crisis at hand.

The fact is it is all interconnected with no one entity to place blame and then fix. It’s all f***d. (I’ve been saying it for a while now) All we can do is help those nearest us and hope for the best.

I’ll stop here. Thank you have a nice day. -Dan

The Everyday Trendierciser.

There is a difference between doing something just to say you’ve done it and trying something in hopes to seriously learn/understand it. Trendy won’t help you do anything other than look like a poser. It’s that guy or gal at whole foods going to the heated sculpt yoga class, stopping in for the grass fed beef on gluten free grain wraps, then hoping into their SUV, listing to the latest pop teen song on the radio, so tired from the 6 mile group run, because of that killer spin class. “Oh you work out? Yea I do it all…” – But can’t really do anything well. Complete discombobulating. The byproduct of the information overload age we are living in. I wonder what these guys and gals will be up to in their later years 😉 Working Intelligently? Or Just Working hard?

Relapse of Addiction

When you go back to something and fully fall on your face.

Example: You go 2 weeks without having an alcoholic drink. And then…

Possibility #1: You find yourself in a social situation and temptation wins over. One drink turns into five. You then find yourself drinking the following three consecutive nights. Back to the mercy of the addiction.

Other times you catch yourself. Typically the aforementioned scenario will have occurred before the following script.

Possibility #2: This time you are in the same social situation but you have only a taste and stop. Stepping back, walking away from the urge (alcohol in this case, could be anything habitual), you discover the mental breakthrough (clarity). When you can stop yourself and deal with the internal feelings waving over yourself (elevated hear-rate, scattered thinking, thoughts of regret).

After you have stopped midway into an addictive (trigger) behavior you must push even harder to change the outcome. You must treat your mind like a muscle. The harder you work the harder the work becomes. The more work you complete the stronger you become. Eventually you stay with the struggle long enough that you break the addiction.

It is very simple on paper, and that is exactly what you have to do. Put ‘it’ all on paper. Devise a plan. Be brutally honest with yourself. Decide to control your own life.

“Who climbs the mountain does not always climb. The winding road slants downward many a time; Yet each descent is higher than the last.” – E.W.

Best – Dan

Food Labels

If there is a label don’t eat it. Thank you come again.

If you eat labeled foods you are likely being:
1. Mislead by marketing.
2. Setting yourself up for failure.
3. Justifying these decisions with society’s fallacies.
4. Placing the responsibility (of your health) on the packager.

Do not buy something because the label justifies it being “healthy”. We are are talking about low carb bars (artificially sweetened), gluten free pastas (nutritionless cement), low fat veggie burgers (pumped with additives), protein shakes, gum, teas, etc. These are hot words/products that are trend-y(ing). But guess what. Paleo has no label and it has no faults. Sounds crazy I know. But if you knew just how crazy the marketing and labels (ingredients) are, you would be scratching your head.

The reality is… You try and find yourself. Okay.Check. You understand what you are doing with your life. But eventually this feeling fades, and you begin to question (yourself). Then what? Start over? Is all the ‘work’ for nothing? Do you move on to some other idea? Do you fake it? Or, is this feeling actually an illusion. Is it just emotions toying with your conscience self. Is the reality you are/were never lost? I believe it is all a matter of time (patience). We all can find land, but only if our aim is true.

Moderation surfaces with this thought. Folks, building in moments of weakness is (mentally) soft. If part of your plan is to go off the path, you are accepting fault. This is inadequate. I acknowledge shit happens, but this is only accidental. Any advices and prescriptions which build in moments of ‘cheat’ or ‘off time’ are for the cowardly. Find strength. Find yourself. Find perfection. When you mess up. Get over it. Again, you will succeed if your aim is true.

Don’t be a dummy. It will take that much longer if you continue to expose yourself harmfully. We are going to affect mental programming deeper then habits. We are going to change the way you are.

“Let go of the fear that is ruining your life.”

Lack of planning leads to desperation. Desperation causes regret. Regret begets thoughts of the past. Dwelling in history halts forward momentum towards progress(ion). Do not be narrow minded (without foresight) and seek help from those who have mastered routes you have yet to ascend.

The thing I cherish more than anything is… The understanding and awareness that all people are alike (naturally).

I have been (fortunately) in a few countries, met people from all over the world, have people visit my websites from all hemispheres. And… Remember: People all put their pants on one leg at a time. People smile and cry at the same things. We are all searching for similar truths.

This barrier, this false difference we elude to in our mind is the enemy. The same way you think of ‘celebrities’. You can drape yourself with platinum or yarn. But in the end, if your ego takes control you fail to be (honestly) connected. The thing I hate most in this world is this ego driven interaction. When the person pretends to have mistaken meeting you. When the person ignores your voice. When the person looks past you when speaking. When the person does not take direction. When the person is not nice. (what you have nothing new to learn?)

And why?
I believe most people have not experienced utter violence and chaos. A physical purging of one’s ‘soul’. –Witnessing death. –Dealing with heartbreak. With extreme sadness there is its polar opposite. -Standing at your wedding. -Holding your new born. The list is very very short of moments that shift your entire being. To attempt to prepare for these moments is solipsistic in its nature, but so is this entire discourse.

‘We All’

We all chew (masticate) our food (some eat whale blubber, some eat potatoes, some eat shawarma).
We all breathe air. (some breath the sea’s salt, some the smog, some the trees).
We all need to take off our ‘pants’ when we go to the bathroom. (some squat, some stand, some don’t make it).
We all dislike long sessions of sensory deprivation. (some avoid it all together; some enjoy its blurred sense of time and space).
We all perceive our surroundings. (some can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, some cannot).
We all have feelings. (some persons are in-tune, some persons bury them deep in denial).
We all: __________ anybody?

– Dan

Know one thing:

The WORLD is your playground!

The only things you can own, things that are truly original are; your mind, body and soul. Meaning the way you think, how you move, and how you feel. Meaning how you behave in spontaneous moments, how you (audibly) sound, the way you walk (the none-verbal demeanor you carry), the way you react and treat yourself and others. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but there will never be another jimi hendrix, michael jackson, james dean, madona, george washington, etc. Iconic insights ignite luminary like illusions of understanding. When you say man, I agree with that.

Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. H.K.

I have a problem with all the “play” exercise talk going around and around. Why? Because this “play” word is being used in the context of training. Taking your training lightly, being disconnected from the outcome is a ridiculous notion. You are training for a purpose, a desired outcome/success. Going about it in a nonchalant mindset is wrong. If you enjoy training, if you believe in what you are doing, it is fun to partake. If your experiences have only been negative (towards training), then you would obviously gravitate towards a playful sentiment. Yea, not smart. Focus and intensity are the best paths to greatness. Go throw a Frisbee if you want to play. When you decide to train, get work done.

It’s about accepting where you are at, and acknowledging the better adapted you become the more effort it will take to move to the next level of mastery. Be okay with what you have today, and work you’re a** off to get to the next level.

From an older article: “The take home message is we need to train really hard, dig deep within ourselves to find meaningful happiness, so when we go for days or weeks without actively practicing and developing our awareness we will be mindful and strong enough to sustain a positive path.” Best, Dan

Physical training can only take you so far. Its a bunch of crap. This, Oohh I have gained so much when I push myself to my limits. When I go past my limits. When I crash and burn. Okay fine, you learn to manage physical pain. But there is so much more to develop. Do you plan an instrument? Do you have complex conversations? Have you formulated a thinking process? Can you draw, paint, design, with your hands? I think physical accomplishment can and do promote self-esteem, but this new power is useless if you do not apply it elsewhere. In my book, the modern day polymaths is where its at. – Best Dan.

I remember playing soccer as a young boy (<5 years old). My father coaching my teams. We had no concept of exercise, strength training, mobility, cardio, etc.

We knew two things.
1. We Practice drills to be better at the movements (sport) of soccer.
2. We work together as a team, and do our best to Perform the skills we develop, for game time.

There is a movement in ‘this’ industry to both; play, be fit, and train functionally. I think all of this is garbage. I say find something you can go out and compete in. Something you can test yourself organically/honestly against. This also means find a physical practice that is a means to an end. Without the end point you are missing out on so much. – The basketball player does not shoot endless free throws with the weighted ball for fun. He does it Only to become better prepared to run the full game. Become aware/always remember sport is where; comradery, appreciation, humbleness, defeats and wins await you. You will not find this on the stair stepper, or in spin class…

Never played a sport? Don’t play a sport anymore? It is never too late. Intensity is relative. It is about competing with your current self. Have you challenged yourself today?

Your confused, being fit has nothing to do with being a mastered mover. This is about mastering a practice, using fitness or conditioning only to raise the level of intensity. An unfit/ de-conditioned master mover (climber, boxer, wrestler, etc.) will always out smart and out perform the ignorant novice.

‘Everyone is an expert.’

I am an expert of only,
Telling myself no, rarely yes.
To search for more, and never regress.
To study hard, but question harder.
And when I do find that pot of gold…
Only take what I need,
Leave the rest for the community.

Because when you believe you know (have) everything, you can never learn (receive) anything.
– Leave the ego on your pillow friends. Dan.

Once I was student. Searching through books.
Then I became a teacher. Developing a good hook.
Now I stand before you as a master of what I do.
Because great delivery is a derivative of deeper diagnosis.
Developing, deliverance….
To be set free by, Truth.

I am always searching for those conscious moments. Like; sitting in the sauna, finding your next hand-hold climbing, standing up a heavy squat, or letting a combination go on the heavy bag. When you focus. When the top of your brain squeezes every bit of intent to perceive clearly.

You string enough of these moments together and you feel like you’ve time traveled. Example: You sit in a sauna slowly watching each 5 minute interval make an hour. But when you get in your car, start driving and realize, two hours have passed since you’ve left your home. It’s the shift, the moment you are no longer caught up in the day’s rhythm.

Most days I feel like I’ve already lived five lives, and at the present moment I am seconds into my first.

Sometimes people get caught up in trying to stand out in the crowd. To be unique. When the reality is no two people will ever be alike. An impossibility (rendering this aim illogical). So how about instead of trying to break from the herd, embrace it. Because one thing is for certain… We thrive on contribution. Not on being the lone wolf searching (salivating) on the prairie for the weakest link of the pack. Yet we say, “The meek shall inherit the earth”? Eh. How about? The strong will breach the gap, leaving no one to waste. Just be nice (don’t be mean). Chosen people? Beatitudes?

I want to give you my top secret fat loss plan! Eat less than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. Perform as much aerobic activity as possible, always maintaining your ability to carry a conversation i.e. not out of breath, think walking (below your anaerobic threshold). That is it. Obviously food quality will quicken results (paleo) and strength training will morph your physique ( Man what shall I ever do now that the secret is out? hahahahahahaha Meal plans? Exercise books? Secrets? – Seriously?

Oh, p.s. There is a free shopping list on the site and the free answer key of what movements you must be able to perform. Yep eating the brown rice or organic yogurt has more than 20 grams of carbohydrates. And those group classes 3 times a week? Wrong again. Actually not helping you. Questions?

Note: For this prescription we are discussing fat loss. Meaning you are fat. Meaning you are not in shape. Meaning you are not a high-level athlete. Meaning your conditioning is a waste of time. First you learn a skill. Develop it. Condition it. Then test it (performance). Any other order is stupid.

Don’t even start with, but I need more carbohydrates for how I train. We don’t need to get into stress and its effects on telmore degradation, or IGF-1&2 and the mTor’s effect on cancer development.

Realize I write this stuff because I want to help you. It is the reason I charge less than anyone I know for in person training even though I could charge more then everyone and sleep peacefully at night. No b.s. I know this stuff works.

Ironic that the ‘hardest’ part of my job is the least important. Physical training does next to nothing for the bigger picture. Smoke and mirrors to get people to eat best and be happy. Obviously if your shoulder hurts or you are over weight the previously stated is not happening…

Patience develops character, but is trumped by enlightenment. When you wait you anticipate. When you anticipate, you want (unsatisfied). If you accept. If you believe. If you understand. You illuminate (from within), opposed to the flashing-lights of approval. Goonery… -Dan

Dan Baruch

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  1. Ryan B says:

    Damn, that’s one hell of a post.

    “What comes quickly goes quickly.” Now, that’s the truth.

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