Past Week’s Thoughts. #2


Lucid Dreamers Help Scientists Locate the Seat of Meta-Consciousness in the Brain


Is there such a thing as a perfect physique when we discuss health, longevity and vitality? I’d say so. You can see the body overworked. Which is overfeed and hyper stressed. You can see the body under exposed to physical stress. Without muscle mass, flabby (not dense). The perfect physique has the correct balance of mass, length, density, and articulation. In plain language. The skinny yogi or muscled out bodybuilder is not only unattractive but unhealthy. You don’t have your appearance on accident. The beer belly takes time to develop. My point is to find the physique which we had before the grocery store. A bodybuilder would not last a week in these times and neither the marathoner or pilates enthusiast nor the metabolic conditioning pusher (primed for glucose). This is just the way it is.

A chemical rewiring.
Postural realignment.
Emotional reconneting.
And spiritual reigniting.
Refining the savage instincts within us all.
Holistic Ancestral Health.

We need to comprehend the significance of the relationships in our lives. Do be nice first to the people n(d)earest us. To treat those we see most often with dissonance is backwards. We must uplift those closest to us. We must look these people in the eyes and be wholly at peace. Do not veer from this task, ever. Bring all the history you have with a person into the energy you put to each interaction going forward. Be positive. Memories fade, and time washes away emotions, yet when the mind strikes those flashbacks you’d be better off knowing you’ve done everything in your control to steer clear of negativity. I want you all to understand that you need to want to succeed badly not for your selfish reasons, but for your family and the effort they have put into you. This exchange is priceless and irreplaceable.

How? One way: If you know someone close who has a certain skill-set make sure you are doing everything in your power to enable them to thrive and be useful (happy). Do not suppress others for fear of being overlooked or belittled. A selfless team will always outperform the selfish-leader. Open your eyes and connect the dots (pupils) with kindness friends! #equality

I respect the people hard as rock, sharp as nails, and smooth as butter.

Question: I fear death don’t you?
This fear makes me live hard. Hard to perfect my craft, relationships, knowledge, and experience. To spread true love to as many people as possible.

I’ve always been an “old soul” (so they tell me). But before it was such a light soul. Sure feels heavy man. Heavy…

p.s. it’s all a bunch of b.s. 😉

It is not fitness. It is intelligence.
It is not how you look. It is how you feel.
It is not being in the zone. It is being hyper-aware.
It is not what you can accomplish. It is what you can build.
It is not to receive praise. It is to earn respect.
IT IS about having fun and breathing excitement!

Honestly what are you trying to prove? You’re certain? You believe your heart thumping/pounding rattling in your chest cavity is a good thing, worthy of praise? What are you trying to achieve? And at what cost?

Message to myself after being in the sauna tonight. Tho this applies to any cardiovascular extremes.

Left ventricular hypertrophy = Stupidity

The past few days have been a trip. A few times in my life already I have experienced a spiritual mental and later physical (manifestation) shift. A few key pieces have aligned for me this week and it feels exhilarating. Right place right time? Maybe. Or maybe when you don’t give a (f)luck you do exactly what you want to. STEP YOUR GAME UP!

Sometimes when you get caught-up in details, when you go so far down the rabbit whole, you forget what it is like starting out. Then you DO need step by step directions (in some cases). In my posts people may have missed this, even though I do what I do precisely to teach people step by step.

Brutal Truth. Honesty. Trust.

I often discuss with my people the best body-work practices. This concept has to be understood in levels. If you have a bulged disc see a chiropractor. If your body is aligned correctly see a shiatsu therapist. But most importantly have a physical practice which does not leave your body worse for wear. Become aware of perfect alignments which keep you furthest from common ailments.

Sensitivity Complexity and Control. And you become hyper aware too all the intricate functions because you are in control of your breath.

Do you not understand that you are made of living tissue? That when you override, back up (plug), and desensitize your body. Your conscious awareness of just how in tune or out of tune you are with your body becomes exponentially difficult to center.

Analytical as can be. Superficial is all I see. See you seeing me. Tip toe your toes to me.

Some things you just have to keep to yourself-

Look, that is what happened. I am asking you how it happened. Before you were thinking about it as the after-math. Don’t mistake the obvious tell-tale signs. Name tags, communicating devices, and when all else fails, mind those with poise? Tell-tale movements of the body ;(

An aside: Remember, the point of a priority is to have something to make time for.

Just because you are overweight doesn’t mean you are unhealthy.

It means you are overweight. Excess visceral fat it is just one of the very real factors. An overrun adipocyte will negatively affect blood sugar homeostasis. Obviously the visceral fat squeezing down on your organs is unhealthy (actually it’s damn toxic). The point here is to understand just how much time and care must be taken for your health. Aligning all pieces into accordance of the next segment of the path you are on.

People seem to miss the fact that posture from the abdomen is the one variable always accounted for in aggressive moments.

What do I eat nearly everyday with out fail? 1lb beef and sauerkraut. Boring? Kinda. First and only meal most days? Yes @7pm. Do you always wait so late to eat? No. Are you recommending everyone eat this much meat everyday? No, but if you are wondering if it possible, this is prob not for you. Is this healthy? If being strong, focused, and lean is health. Is there a place I can get more info on this diet? Yes,


Genuinely excited to be teaching the method at People Serving People (“The largest most comprehensive homeless shelter for families in the Midwest”) in the coming weeks. (I post this only to inspire others to do the same.)

One of the best parts of life is when you completely believe in your abilities to complete said challenge. When you are fully connected with the organic experience


A part is a piece of the whole. / A fragment must be smashed from the whole.

I am not trying to tell you how to think, you are not trying to tell me; together we are trying to discover how we are going to think together. Do you see the difference?

Ryan B found me from a simple google search (paleo mn) looking to learn some barbell movements from scratch. Little did he know what he was in for 🙂 Here are some clips from his session this morning. Too many great things to say about his progress and work ethic!

Casual clips from training this morning. If you are not working your connective tissue you are boring.

>Contractile potential in limited ranges of motion.< VS. >Ligaments, Tendons, Nerves, etc. progressively strengthened beyond their current capacities.<

What you need to understand and feel is that power begins first in your gut and then radiates out. No matter your goal or reason for training without practicing these individual pieces (isolated) you will never reach your full potential for kinesthetic (body) awareness (control). This is the difference friends!

(Big bench press, dead- lift, leg press, lat pull-down, etc. IS NOT ENOUGH.)

“One can show you where to dig and what to dig for, but the digging you must do yourself.”

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
(click here) Download GOAL setting work sheet. pdf

How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
(click here) Download AWARENESS work sheet. pdf

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