Artificial Sweeteners

Here is my take on artificial sweeteners.

First off, this controversial topic is not complicated. Go searching for the studies that we have today and you will see the clear logic. No one has found a direct link between artificial sweeteners and the production of insulin. Therefore logically artificial sweeteners are not to blame. If you have a diet coke with a slab of protein you will be “okay” (for satiety’s sake). The thing is, okay in my book is as good as failure.

Artificial sweeteners are sweet. Therefore you feed a habit and craving for sweet (sugar). If you are too weak to kick the sugar (addiction) there may be no hope. The truth (as always) is how to remove the root of disease. It is damn near impossible to walk the line between artificial and real sweet/sugar. Most people fall off the wagon more frequently than they’d like to admit.

Remove the sweetness 100%. Give your body time to adjust. Then, thank yourself.

This is a short blurb on bigger picture concepts.
Keep in mind: food quality. calorie balance. gut health. inflammatory triggers. and most importantly what is the desired outcome -Fat loss. Health. Lifestyle. Boredom. etc.

Have a sweet day. Dan

-updated response.

That is all complicating things. @A.T. You and I have crossed paths because of the paleo diet, correct? So if I am to speak directly to you. No artificial sweeteners in Paleolithic foods. Nothing to discuss. On the other note. Thinking best case worst case scenarios. Artificial sweeteners are FAR down the list of stimuli which will kill us. Should we eat local/paleo? Yes. Should we exercise? Yes. Should we be respectful? Yes. Should we take advice? Yes.

Anyways, the studies typically are routine/exercises considering the doses and the subjects (mice). Obviously aches, cravings, headaches, gi distress, anxiety/stress, etc. are directly related to a.s.’s. The point is I don’t need a study, book worm, or lab rat to figure it out. Pleasure and pain are neighbors, right? As are love and hate. Life and death. Obviously something sweet must be balanced with something sour. Sugar is growth and decay (your entire body, not just your teeth) . I don’t need studies or journalism to figure that one out.

P.S. I am read on the studies. I wouldn’t be so candid other-wise. And the door is always open to new discoveries. In the end we stick to the shopping list and everything will work it self out.

Dan Baruch

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