Past Week’s Thoughts. #4

“(we’re) Enjoying the same path of truth.” Q.T.

Missed this route yesterday 😛

Couple years old, but the broad topics are still relevant. (no carbon-capture etc.)

The ‘Cheat’ Meal.

Cheat. Definition: A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.

Why are you calling it a cheat meal? I don’t follow your logic. It is simply a moment of weakness or a temory case of amnesia. Eating crap is not a shortcut to better health or increased capacity. So again what exactly are you cheating at?

And for desert?

Guess which part I did not eat 🙂

… the transfinite species are just as much at the disposal of the intentions of the Creator and His absolute boundless will as are the finite numbers. -Georg Cantor

The end is known. It is the beginning you must rediscover.

Random (inverted) Friday funday with the stall bars. Post 1 minute handstand holds X10 and endless ring-work.

Timing is everything.

There is a time and place for each macro nutrient (Fat. Protein. Carbohydrate). If you have followed me for a time you will understand there is only one food (quality) choice to be made (paleo). So let’s get more complicated, shall we? Eating the same foods at the same time every day? Wrong again. Routine intelligently designed by human psychology does not exist. The physical body is not governed by mental choice. It is mental clarity and awareness of the bodies demands that matter most. You must learn and know how to give your body what it specifically demands at specific times. Have you been fasting and training? A bunch of fat and meet are not the best options. A small, easier digested, nutrient dense source is far superior. Berries do the trick best. Have you been moving heavy loads for 3-4 days straight? Muscles deeply sore? A 1lb of steak glazed with butter will be your smartest option. Have you been taking it easy, doing some walking, running up some stairs? A generous hit of insoluble and soluble fibers (greens and starchy vegetables) would keep you running light and clean. You see, If you ‘cross train’ the same way every day, and eat the same ‘variety’ every day, you need to do more research. You need to train with shockingly specific intent. Recover with equal discipline. Repeat just long enough to elicit a response, then transition your adaption and skills to another facet of your ever changing physicality.

Playlist is in the description

It’s a spider web folks don’t get caught up.

When hunger meets bored and sniffs at creativity.

It is just you at your pillow at night. All you have to do is finnish.
(Fine, it is more complicated than this, but a nice thought.)

I love my field most because it is one of the only exchanges left which involves zero computer technology. Teaching movement that is. Pure human interaction and expressionism. (coming from the biggest tech-geek I know, personally.)

Dancing fingers on the fretboard. Floating over the sound hole. Slide up slide down, melodies came alive. The neck smooth, round, and glides like ice on glass. The strings warn, oil and skin solied into it’s core. Years of use but kept in pristine condition. No-one would even know. The metamorphosis which took place here.

Food is for the weak and rest is for the weary. Fire. Learn to master fire. To raise it, to harness it, to reserve it. To switch it on at will. With intensity greatness is achievable. Fire is intense.

And for tonight’s meat. Shawarma from Marina’s.

Hope is like a hot dog without a bun. #Paleo #Irony

People need to understand that a deep tissue massage is for a over-worked body. The greater in tune you are with your body and the more at rest it is the less pressure it takes to achieve ‘re-adjusting’. For example: when lying prone face down and the practitioner applies pressure to the thoracic spine, the least amount of pressure needed to achieve the ‘crack’ (the moment of tension release) the better. If the person requires excess acute pressure succinctly s/he will likely receive less release. Do you understand? My dear friend Kc Giwa will help.

What happens at 3am? “Work the connective tissue forget the muscles.” Thanks to my new 15 year old buddy for the video, and the awesome guy in the shot (Military-Steve):
Just foolishly fooling around with fallacies fallaciously forgone for fortuitoutism.

Connect the dots people. Swifter you stay in-line with that ability, you might get to play. Talking to tough with power in my veins :p. You guys gota find the connection to ‘that’ world. Where strength meets endurance. Stop messing around!

To be a leader you sometimes must go so far ahead that your followers can’t follow. As a friend recently stated, (paraphrased) “To be at the foot of the tunnel, to muster the courage to take a few steps into the darkness , but with no-one behind you to force forward direction, you likely retreat.
Dan Baruch Everyone is a leader by-the-way…

Why is it so confusing for people to understand.

We all are fighting the internal clock of longevity (telomere degradation). Everything in our body has an expiration. Any exogenous stimulus which directly or indirectly takes us quicker to our expiration date is to be avoided. Sugar / insulin / training / stress / etc. are to blame for any possible western degenerative disease. Cancer / diabetes / heart disease / dementia / arthritis / autoimmunity / etc. If you feed the problem energy the problem will kill you quicker.

It’s a funny thing when your number one goal is not performance. People get wickedly confused. The difference is the mindset. Don’t be weak, but find your weaknesses. Oxymoron? Probably.

I am continually awestruck and astonished at the complexity and connectivity of the reality we live-in today. Watching the live mars landing on a pocketable mobile computer. The funniest part is what 50 years from now will be like. We sure as heck aren’t using chicken bones anymore. I’m going to just enjoy this moment. Exploration!

“Keep finding truthful moments and character will come.” b.p.

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
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How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
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