The secret plan for progressive strength.

The secret plan for progressive strength.

The plan is to periodically progress past your current capacity. The challenge is to achieve the deepest muscle soreness (possible) while at the same time avoid any connective tissue strains. In order to do so progressions must be the central/integral framework in the method.

For example: the bicep curl.

We will use this movement because it is the easiest for people to imagine. If you are not sore for days post training you have never experienced what we are talking about, but again we are talking about muscle soreness coupled with zero connective-tissue strain. An extremely difficult achievement. This is where hormesis and the bigger (training) picture comes in.

And why should one induce such a violent protocol? Because if you are serious about your muscular development you will seek out professionals who can get you to this level of mastery. If you are not satisfied with your current physical potential you must train past your current capacity. This is just the way it is.

It is called hypertrophy, some say no pain no gain, you can describe “it” many ways, but you have to actually feel it to have an opinion and know what “it” precisely is. You can geek out with the physiology of it. How actin and myosin interplay with the z-line causing micro-tears in the set number of muscle fibers during the eccentric contraction (lengthening phase) and the vital need for calcium and electrolytes to spark properly to engage this contraction. The geek stuff is the fact checking. The fact checking I had done at 18 years old at university.

We can get into the personalization, the volume, the frequency, the duration, etc. But anyone who gives (bad) advice over the internet or from a book is no master in my mind. Everyone’s body is different. The method I have in place can not be found in a book. That would be like discovering the meaning of life. Not in this reality folks. The reality is we need to do the experiments and come to the discoveries one by one on our own.

Dan Baruch

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