Transverse Plane – Abdominal Training

Lesson for today: The Transverse Plane

So when you do the 150 lb dumbbell on chest sit-ups you challenge your abdominal strength. But this will likely develop imbalances. Obviously if you do not do the; leg lifts, and dragon flares, and kneeling/standing cable crunches, weighted planks, etc. – you will always be weak.

But here is the kicker. If you are standing on the bosu ball doing one legged dead-lifts with a weak 20 lb dumbbell, or using the cable column to do a lunge into standing row, or holding the barbell extended while supine attempting anti-rotational drills. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!

To once and a while (weekly) train the transverse plane (rotational movements) is a must, but everyday every movement? Not smart. This is one not safe and two not nearly as efficient in developing muscular monsterness/ i.e. contractile potential.

Take home message (practical application). Do both and figure how much of each is correct.

Dan Baruch

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