Wondering my take on yoga?

Half of ‘you’ don’t have clue and the other half are busy with crystaIization. I sit happily in the middle occasionally watching in confusion.

Man explains, I have a knot in my back. Yes my friend I saw that when you left the car, your spine, your anatomical posture is crap. Those moveable bones called vertebrae, yeah they got you sliding down the pain train either way.

Undeveloped = Tight and Restrictive.
Flip the switch = See-through showed symptons.

My favorite example of connective tissue vs muscle is the movement pattern doris/plantar flexion/extension. With one you can tone (muscles) and one you can stretch (c.t.). The trick is to develop each separately (independently) and in parelel, together in synchrony (antagonist. protagonist). And succinctly, the moment (gap) i.e. moment of weightlessness and in-stability.

Another good expansion is, when rolling the shoulders, i.e. scapuler manipulation. With the wrong balance of connective tissues pliabIllity and muscle tension (toned & honed) you will hear the clicking and see the wincing.

The deeper the (concentric) contraction, meaning the shorter you can make the muscle, the further you will stretch the connective tissue (in control). This is the magic. *Strength thru range of motion. Not the sissy 30 second holds being done at the bar & yoga classes. My friend Gregory one of mn’s most mastered ballet instructors would go crazy.

Questions? Elaberations? It is a tricky one. Can you fInd your weakest links before it is to late?

Dan Baruch

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