Purpose of the dead lift

Purpose of the dead lift is to create perfect symmetry and balance of the posterior chain.


That means your; hips, butt, back of your legs, ankles, heals, small of your back, upper back, shoulders, back of your neck, etc. The easiest way to test if you have this body line I am hinting at is… Noticing whether you are able to maintain vertical shins throughout the exercise. Realize this may not be your most efficient position for maximal contractile potential i.e. lift some heavy s***. But, it will force you to test your posterior chain’s fluidity and tension (flexibility for lack of a better term).

A trick I use is helping people rediscover their sit-bones. Pictured is an easy way to feel these guys. If you do not have any you may be an alien.

The progression that you most follow.

Once you are aware where these bones are address the bar again (best from a rack, bar roughly 1 ft from the floor). Touch to the floor with the sit bones hitting first while simultaneously keeping the shin bones vertical. If you are able to perform from the rack position (bar just below the knee cap) lower the bar 3 inches and repeat until you are pulling from the floor. This is a simple way to regain range of motion while developing both the flexibility in the posterior chain and the strength through the kinetic pattern (the lift).

These are the dynamics included. The relational tension between muscles and connective tissues. These are not (executionable) performance and movement pattern cues. This is a hint into the complexity of the deadlift. We still need to address; Lower back tension. Hamstring flexibility. External shoulder rotation. Scapular depression. Head position. Breath. Tempo. Balance. To name a few.

Anyways it is not about how much or how fast you can pick up the dog food. It is about how efficiently (injury free) and for how many years you will pick the dog food up.

Still think you know it all? Silly silly :p

Dan Baruch

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