Incremental Successes

Often times there is a moment (seconds/years) when things feel and look repetitive. When building piece by piece (smoothing/refining) on what we have learned becomes arduous. In order to develop ‘new’ tasks ‘old’ ones must be mastered. Boring? NO. It is the teacher who runs from repetition that must be avoided. If you cannot perform a certain skill/movement (effortlessly) the only way to true mastery is to dissect each component. Slowly and painfully strengthening the balance (body-awareness/capacity). Unfortunately many fall victim to the wondering eye. Do not do this. All you need is what you have been given. Realization and honesty of where you are in relation to your target or the targets set for you is what makes it all function. Goals? Or the priorities they reveal? Incremental successes is all there is. So when given praise, do not take it lightly.

We stretch further. Squeeze harder. Sense with hyper-awareness. & Breathe with less internal-tension. We are after things most people never knew existed their entire lives.

Again, many have no clue, nearly all lack the patience, and few control the ego long enough to try something new which does not seem, but IS impossible (this moment).

“I exist only in truth. This way I am impermeable from head to toe.”

Dan Baruch

How can I set a goal / determine my vision?
First you must determine your aim, second you must set your priorities.
(click here) Download GOAL setting work sheet. pdf

How can I become more aware of my emotions and triggers?
Start by noticing what makes you happy and what makes you upset. Then be mindful of the triggers and reactions which come from these emotions.
(click here) Download AWARENESS work sheet. pdf

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