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$$$$ Pay as little as 8 dollars an hour for World Class Training! $$$$

Minnesota Strength & Conditioning
has a holistic | ancestral approach for health & wellness, based in science and mastery.
We enable you to develop a practice and help you research your body and mind.

After your first free session you will have an idea of where you’re at on the continuum of the program. Each member is special. The program is customized based on your current abilities and areas which need greatest development. The program is designed for young and old, novice and mastered trainees/students.
The purpose is getting you to move best. Moving Well = Living Well.

*Message from owner Dan Baruch,

I want every member in our program to feel at home at Minnesota Strength & Conditioning. We are very particular who we allow into our program. We welcome all ages and skill levels. Our only Prerequisite is that you are a good person. I am most concerned with keeping our community a fun, nurchering, trusting, open, and competitive environment. I guarantee you results, that is the easy part.

I am very fortunate to share with people my teachings. I believe we all need a holistic ancestral practice for health and wellness. When you start researching within yourself and begin to practice daily techniques that; raise awareness, reduce stress, and increase strength, you will enable yourself to feel your best. I have created a continuum that places Health, Happiness, and Vitality as the aim. For Minnesotans you have a special opportunity to learn a unique approach to wellness.

I invite you to download our SCREENING FORM free of charge. This will give you the self inventory needed and decipher what practices in your life are helping or hurting your success. These questions will help you decide why it is you will be training. The success we will achieve with your body can only occur when growth is made with your mind.

Take a look around the site. Check the lifestyle section; theses writings will make you motivated and cultivate new thoughts about what makes you tick. Read the first two preview chapters of my upcoming book. #1 THE KING: STRESS and #2 COME TO BED HONEY

Have a look at the movements we train and the different services available.

*If you have found this site for health talks please take a moment to read some of the items I lecture about. Also note, I facilitate goal setting and awareness workshops. I have created exercises that pull out and enable the real motives, wishes, and visions for people and organizations.

Thank you again for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you in person.
Sincerely your friend,

Dan Baruch
“With intensity greatness is achievable”

Minnesota Strength & Conditioning is a performance based strength and conditioning program. All members are trained with the same over-arching goals in mind. Each member is special. Our method is different from typical health clubs. The program is customized based on your current abilities and areas which need greatest improvement. We are a community of professionals that guarantee you results.

Every time you train you are expected to perform. The training session are “tests”. Tracking your progress (Test & Re-test) on both a mesocyle and marcocycle provides the feedback and validity to your guaranteed success. Every month there are specific bench marks that are tested in strength, balance (equilibrium), flexibility, stamina etc..

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