Can anyone work together with  Minnesota Strength & Conditioning?

Yes, we welcome all experience levels, physical limitations and abilities. The program is designed for young and old, novice and mastered trainees/students.

What kind of diet should I be eating?

A diet that resembles the original humans diet.


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Metabolism and Ketosis – Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades

The nutritional characteristics of a contemporary diet based upon Paleolithic food groups. – Ph.D. Loren Cordain

Is Sugar Toxic? By GARY TAUBES

Fructose: Is It Bad For Our Health? MD Boyd Professor

Evolution, Diet and Health – Boyd Eaton, MD (video)

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (video) Robert H. Lustig, MD

The Protein DebateLoren Cordain, PhD & T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Zonulin and its regulation of intestinal barrier function: the biological door to inflammation, autoimmunity, and cancer.Alessio Fasano M.D.

Your Emotions Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Can Reduce AnxietyNora Gedgaudas

How toxic is wheat?Hyperlipid

TEDxIowaCity – Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria (video)

From Seafood to Sunshine: A New Understanding of Vitamin D SafetyChris Masterjohn

“An Organic Chemist’s Perspective on Paleo” by Mathieu Lalonde, PhD (video)

Alzheimer’s Scary Link To Diabetes

Natural childbirth: the evolutionary template for birthChris Kresser

The Archevore DietKurt Harris MD (podcast)

Obesity; old solutions for a new problem” (video) by Stephan Guyenet, PhD

Cardio” may cause heart disease – Part I – Kurt Harris, M.D.

The Paleo Solution Podcast: Episode 112Robb Wolf & Dr. Loren Cordain

Gain weight by “going diet?” Artificial sweeteners and the neurobiology of sugar cravings
Neuroscience 2010

The Science Behind the Paleolithic Diet (video), Matt Lalonde- Ph.D Harvard University Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Low-Carb Veterinarian Dr. Travis Einertson (podcast) The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb – Episode 498

Exploring roots of hunger, eating behaviors: Study demonstrates that plasticity in the brain’s wiring controls feeding behavior – Harvard Science Department

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The Soft Science of Dietary Fat – by Gary Taubes

Diet and Disease: Not What You Think by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.

Darwinian Medicine Talk: SUNY New Paltz (video) – Robb Wolf

The China Study: Is Animal Food Really Unhealthy?


Specialty Health – SUGAR – Could be the primary cause of insulin resistance and why people get fat! (video) Thomas Dayspring, M.D. and Gary Taubes

Drinking Coffee: More Good Than Harm? – Catharine Paddock PhD

Very Low Carb Performance: Dr. Stephen Phinney. Andreas Eenfeldt

Intestinal permeability and its regulation by zonulin: diagnostic and therapeutic implications.   Fasano A.

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