“After one visit. I have changed how I exercise, eat, and feel about myself. The program and level of persuasion are just that powerful.”


“Dan has challenged the way I think about excercise and myself. A lot more is possible through excercise then I ever thought before.”

“The teachings and basic movements exposed my bodies weakest links. I love the simplicity and difficulty of Minnesota SC.”

“Day 1, scared to look at the pull-up bar.
Day 2, hanging from the pull-up bar with assistance.
Day 3 Hoping up to the pull-up bar and jumping-rope again.
It is a lot of fun being pushed and guided to do things I didn’t think I am capable of doing.”

“I find myself whining when I train here. I never used to whine. Its really really tough. O, I can do push-ups.”

“Some people talk about mastering movements, but few have devoted themselves to their art like Dan. He makes you better each time you show up. He shares a rare energy that demands your best thoughts and behaviors.”

“At Minnesota Strength & Conditioning you are not just a number. They actually care about you as a person and your personal successes.”

“Hard work…Always!

Progress Reports:
Andrea’s Progress Report
David’s Progress Report

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