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Dan has an ancestral, evolutionary approach to health, nutrition, and training, but a stronger emphasis in scientific theory, and practical, actionable application for all ages and fitness levels.

Dan Baruch was born and raised in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. He is a Communications and Exercise Science graduate from the University of Minnesota and spent extensive time teaching in the Middle East. He finds joy teaching people about his relentless obsession for holistic | ancestral health, and inspiring everyone to reach their full potential.

Dan Baruch gives holistic health talks around the world. He is on a mission to teach people the tools necessary for living a healthy, stress-free life, full of vitality and happiness.

Dan is an expert in the following topics:

Goal Setting
Creating a lifestyle blue print
Training & Programming
Stress Management
Tracking & Testing

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TED | Profile

Paleo Physicians Network



I am generally interested in the persuit of knowledge in the context of our time (era) which we live in and for what I for-see a few generations out. I see the two largest intersecting trends being; cloud computing, enabling the spread of a “global cultural”, and the exponential wild-fire (infectious) spread of what were once coined, “western degenerative diseases”.

With this as my opinion/observation, I am most fascinated with how I can understand better how to harness the power of the web and synthesis the elixir-like exo/endogenous contributions/discoveries made by brilliant researchers and scientists. Undoubtedly we as a global community and within esoteric realms collectively have potential to implement a sharper tool set. A tool-set utilized on the already devastating “tumor like” infection of both the earth and the earth’s inhabitants (in all forms). Step one is awareness. Step two is setting a mission, and step three is deciding on actionable priorities. Warning: Do not be mindfull only of your provincial surroundings. Also note I willing acknowledge the laborious task at hand…

How we act.

How we can act.

How we will act.

‘Sprinting vs. Runing vs. Jogging vs. Walking.’

How can I become more flexible?

Balanced Muscular Development

Purpose of the dead lift

Fasting 5 Step Guide.

Transverse Plane – Abdominal Training

Artificial Sweeteners

The secret plan for progressive strength.


‘The Happy Medium’

Timing is everything.

Past Week’s Thoughts. #4

Past Week’s Thoughts. #3

Past Week’s Thoughts. #2

Past Week’s Thoughts.

Understanding Habits

You don’t like it? Go somewhere else!

Movement Movie Monday

Calories in / Calories out: It does not work!

If the answer comes from within you, it is always the right one.

The Continual Count

Efficiency Dictates Peak Effort

Simply Complex

Flexible | Mobile | Pliable | Balance

Finding A Balance

Concrescence of Fear and Beauty

Why My Method Works

Mastering Cravings & Urges

Stick To The Plan

What People Fail To Understand.

The Know-it-Alls

Grand Slam of Life

Practice Vs. Performance

The Weakest Link

Ancient Technologies


Life Is Not A Competition

Diving In: Making Change

A Competent Teacher Is…

Visual /Cognitive Mapping

The Purpose of Goals:

Language & Discourse

The Process

Why I train and why you will too.

Meaningful Teaching Moments

-Clarity To My Core Beliefs

Memories or Distractions?

You Have to Believe to Know. You Have to Know to Believe.

Come to Bed Honey

A Transformation

Holistic Ancestral Health – The King: Stress

Gravity: Cyclic process that all most oblige

The successful practitioner

Glass windows

Art. Nature. Originality.

Eureka moment in the face of indignation

What is happiness?

Humble beginnings

Another year has passed, and still much more to give.

Staring a habit using a minimalist lifestyle

The shifting weather

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