On Ramp Course & Elements

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On Ramp Course

The main objective is guiding you to mastery of the key functional movements. You may retake any part of the course as a member if you are looking for a refresher or feel more comfortable in an EDUCATIONAL and none competitive environment.

Every Monday – Thursday 6:30pm

Monday – Push-up, Pull-up, Lever and several other unique gymnastics movements | Tuesday – Squats | Wednesday– Presses/Hand Balancing | Thursday – Deadlift

The On Ramp Course is designed with these components in mind:
– Gymnastics Movements
– Weight Lifting Exercises
– Olympic Weightlifting Technique
– Warmup Sequences
– Mobility Strategies
– Introduce you into group training

Elements builds on the teachings from the On Ramp course. Elements is the perfect balance of patience and (minimal) pressure. You will master the movements, increase your strength and general fitness required for the Level 1 classes.

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