Shiatsu Therapy

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Shiatsu Therapy is a holistic, therapeutic, hands-on (pre-had/re-hab) recovery method.

Whether you need; postural improvements, increased efficiency through kinetic patterns, releasing tensions restricting your movement (R.O.M), or relieving aches & pains. Our mastered therapist, KC (click here) can restore balance to your body (muscles|connective tissue).

**** Call for pricing. Competitive rates. ****

Benefits Include:
-Relieve Stress; direct effect on nervous system.
-Help avoid/prevent/recovery from injuries and ailments.
-Increase blood circulation/regulate lymph flow.
-Boost the immune system.
-Alleviate/relieve seasonal allergies.
-Many More

Also Available

  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Herbs
  • Cupping
  • & more.

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