Ancient Technologies

The following are not new technologies;

Dumbbell/Band (pre/re-hab) – Barbell (squat & deadlift) – Rings (dip, muscle-up) – High Bar (pullup, front lever) – Parallel Bar (dip, pushup, handstand, planche, l-sit) – Rope (climbing) – Stretching Table/Stick (flexibility, r.o.m) – Kettlebell (conditioning) – Swimbikerun (vo2, aerobic base)

If you do not use these tools in your training weekly, then you are making it more difficult than it needs to be.

Go to yoga? Great, but your lower body needs more weight. Go to spinning? Wonderful, but your upper-body needs more overhead work (shoulder health). Do aerobic classes (step, strike, bootcamp). Ok, although these by design train many people at once using low-skill movements.

You need a plan that will bring body awareness and strength through all r.o.m’s and varied dynamic loads. You will never achieve this and you will never meet all the demands of life if you do not incorporate all of the ancient technologies in your practice.

All of the students I work with (young, old, novice, mastered) are refining these skills every class .

The only thing that science is going to get us is stricter restriction (down the rabbit hole you go). Remember the matrix, and the slush cereal mix? With all the essential amino acids, phytochemicals, polyphenols, micro nutrients, etc. You guys are busy futzing with the manusha while I’m living in the realm of reality where practicality and logic take precedence. Basing your life of a mice studies and laboratory formuals? Have fun with that. Look back even 100 years and you find all the answer you seek (based in scientific rigor). The truth is near…

All that we see is a blip. In a person’s lifetime, it was all created. The buildings, the internet, the transportation (infrastructure, vehicles, operations), etc. The only constants are; Atmosphere, Water, Land, Animals, People. (Anthropology.Cosmology.Biology.etc.)

Don’t believe me just do your own research.

We live in a system so infant (underdeveloped). We have hardly entered puberty, let alone maturity. Next time you get in your car, ask yourself this. Did the following exist even 90 years ago? Before transport deemed feasible the mass Production/Consumption of today.

So what I’m I saying? Acknowledge you have been born into this program. Next time you go download updates for your O.S. Make sure the bugs and hackers were scrubbed/detected and quarantined to the secure vault. The disingenuous members of the greater society receive the most face time. The masses do not comb this information with the scrupulous mindset needed to find the truth.

Dan Baruch

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