‘Sprinting vs. Runing vs. Jogging vs. Walking.’

Let’s define.

Sprint: less than 800 meters +90%

Run: more than 1 mile 75-85%

Jog: more than 4 miles 55-70%

Walk: 10-50%
(% of maximum heart rate)

When you sprint, you test your mechanics. Faster you go the more you notice inefficiencies. You don’t tune up a Ferrari and never push it past 2.000 rpm.

When you run, you test your vo2 capacity. You discover your anaerobic threshold (shortness of breath). Typically this occurs when your heart rate reaches beyond %78 of maximum capacity, during prolonged efforts. Your staying power. Your ability to get oxygen to the muscle tissue.

When you jog, you learn to move through the path of least resistance. The stronger your heart’s stroke volume the better. The closer you stay near your resting heart rate the better. The longer you can go without “power leaks” (s.a.) the better. The longer time duration you do this the weaker you become.

When you walk, you learn your gait. The lack of intensity allows for hyper awareness, in comparison of the locomotive pace of the above options. Here you can master the foot strike (ball first then touch down the heal). Here you can discover to move with a slight knee bend (cushion) utilizing your muscles and not only jamming into your capsules and stressing your connective tissue. And the obvious feature, you can do it with a friend and have a conversation, i.e. not out of breath.

Side note.

Any aerobic activity with the heart rate past 75% for longer duration than 40 minutes and the game changes. By this length of time having roughly 15-25 grams of high glycemic (no fiber or fat) food sources is mandatory. That is if you are planning to continue in the hours realm and you want that staying power. Plus 2.5 hours and the game changes once again (whole foods). If you know my programming you know we don’t use this protocol outside of 1-3 per 2 weeks. Walk and sprint if you must.

So now you need some workouts for each and the programming for your specific frequency and duration. Because yes, everyone is different and everyone needs custom feedback. BUT we all are human beings and we all have the same end goal. Health Happiness and Vitality.

When I teach swimming, biking, rowing, and running, these are a few dynamics at play. Aerobic activity all must be treated the same. The difference is in the mechanics, splits, and distances. Balancing the effort into each skill without shifting your body’s rhythm away from my method. That is the tricky stuff. Because the last thing we want to do is burn the candle at both ends. Aerobics are not the answer, alone!

Fast Strong Powerful (that’s what I chant when the legs are burning).

Dan Baruch

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