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The best equipped gym in Minnesota!

Minnesota Strength & Conditioning
has a holistic | ancestral approach for health & wellness, based in science and mastery.
We enable you to develop a practice and help you research your body and mind.

Equipment List:
Parallel bars
Swedish bars – Stall bars
Pull-up/high bar cage (1.25 & 2 inch bars – 45ft.)
Squat racks
Assisted Pull-up & Dip machine
Glute ham developer
Cable column
Gymnastics flooring
Bumper plates (Olympic weightlifting)
Schwinn Airdyne bike
Steel plates
Climbing ropes
Plyo boxes
Peg Board
Atlas stones
Slam balls
Dynamax balls
Gymnastic rings
Jump ropes
Sit-up bench
Forearm spindle
Forearm blocks (pull-up)
Boxing heavy bag & boxing gloves
Foam rollers
Myo balls
Slack Line
Balance pipes
Horse stance stands
Resistance bands
Hd video feedback
Record board
Great sound system
Free wifi

*We are always listening to our trainee’s needs, continually investing/brining additional tools into the gym.

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